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Terms & Conditions between Yellowhoo and you as the User

This is our Terms & Conditions between you as the User and our company Yellowhoo, you as the user must agree to follow in order to use the Company’s website services.

Who we are?: We are a business 2 business directory, our official name is located at 1310 NW 133 St. Miami, FL 33167 Tel: 786-237-7956 Email: to contact us directly, please go to our contact us page and complete the form or feel free to call us directly using the same number listed above.

Services we offer; Online Advertising in form of directory listing business 2 business (through free and paid for featured ads and banner advertising) using our company’s website URL:

Human Editing & Approval:

We manually edit and approve every single listing; we don’t allow duplicates unless they share different addresses and after verification, we determine that all content material or business category apply for approval. Unfortunate we can’t make any guaranteed or approval of any kind.


Before you go deeper into our Terms & Conditions for using our service or product; at the end of this document and after reading the complete document, you as the user Acknowledge after reading the complete document, that you as the user agreed 100% and completely agreed with the Terms & Conditions of use and that you as the user abide by the Terms & Conditions for using the service or products offered on our site by third parties or the services we offer as part of our website plat form.

As an Explicit Consent – You as the User must click on an “OK” or “AGREE” button to use the service or product at the end of this document as a visitor, if you are an advertiser you as the User must click on an “Ok” or “AGREE” Button at the end of the respective registration form for any of the advertising plan you select (this agreement will be the same)

Implicit Consent - By using the service or product, user agrees to abide by the Terms & Conditions, if you don’t agree with our terms & conditions, do not use our services and immediately exit the website.

How purchases, payment, and returns are handled:

We use the secured payment method of PayPal, we don’t collect store or manage your credit card information, from our site we use a link which takes you to PayPal, after the purchase is completed, and then you’ll be prompted to return to our website.

We also offer payments through Invoicing, just like the traditional method, you notify us that you’ll like to be billed through invoice and we will send you and invoice, the invoice will be due immediately after receivable. This service is only available in the USA only, if you payment through invoice or electronic fail we reserve the right to immediately place your account on hold, until the matter is clarified.

Subscription Cancellation / Refunds:

Regardless of which plan you choose, we promise to honor refunds using the same method you first chosen after the first 30 days from the initial month of the advertising plan. We don’t believe in tiding our customers with contracts so you are welcome to cancel at any time, the only requirement is to allow 30 days for processing and to do it in writing explaining the reason for the cancellation, this is all we ask and don’t worry we won’t fight back if what you need is a refund, were here to make friends and to keep them.

Ownership and use of content and intellectual property:

The logo, domain, templates, forms of the website are protected under copy right laws. On the advertisers and users in general, all images, logos, listing contents used by any advertiser or user to list their services or products on are of the exclusive use of their respective owners and not of the ownership of, it is the users responsibility to abide by the law respecting proprietary rights when using contents such as logos, images, texts graphics, etc. We are not responsible for any copy rights violation by any of our users. If we become aware in any way of any violation, we will immediately terminate their account.

How Users must conduct themselves, including any prohibited behavior:

We expect our users to behave professionally at all times, any out of the ordinary behavior won’t be permitted and their use of our services will be immediately suspended and their IP will be reported if necessary upon the authorities request.

We reserved the right to approve/decline:

We reserved the right to approve or decline or cancel any user, subscriber, listing or advertiser at any time without their prior consent in writing or verbal.

Type of websites/content We Do NOT Accept or can immediately delete from our database.

We don’t accept website listing with pornographic content

Harassed by disruptive user

Contributions or personal info used in unexpected ways

Not sure if Company content can be used

Wrongly relied on information on the website

Unable to promote personal brand

Liable for any misinformation on the website

Any other reason we may consider a violation to our users and our company

The following provisions also applied to Users and Advertisers of our website:

No Representations: – the Company makes no representations about appropriateness or availability of the website in other countries.

Minors :– minors are not permitted to use the website, you must be 18 years or older or must first receive permission from a parent.

Registration: – User promises that all the information provided at registration is accurate and will be updated if necessary.

User Name: – Company can change a User name if deemed inappropriate for any reason

User Content: – User owns or has licenses to any contributions, and the contributions do not infringe on any intellectual property.

Third Party Websites: – the Company is not responsible for any third party websites that it may link to.

Site Management: – the Company may monitor and remove content from the website

User Data:– the Company may retain certain personal data provided to the website

Modifications: – Company can make modifications to the Terms of Service at any time without writing or verbal consent.

Disputes: – Any dispute on our Terms and Agreement will be governed and handled by the State of Florida, USA.

 Should you have any question or concern about our Terms & Conditions Policy, please send us an email at or write to us at 1310 NW 133 St. Miami, FL 33167 or simply give us a call at 786-237-7956


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